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If you are in need of a road skills test we can help. First if you are 16 or younger you need to obtain a Louisiana Learner's Permit and maintain it for 180 days. If you have reached your 17th birthday you can take the Roadskills test at any time.


Step 1:

Once you have had the learners permit for 180 days and you have attained your 16th birthday, make an appointment with NOLA Driving Institute.

Step 2:

Once you have an appointment it takes about 10 to 15 minutes to do the road skills test.

Step 3:

Once your test is complete you will be notified of any mistakes that you have made. If you pass the test it will be given a road skills test certificate placed in a sealed envelope.

Step 4:

You can then go right down the hall and get your drivers license at ABC Title.

What Documentation do you need?

  1. Original Birth Certificate

  2. Social Security Number

We share a building with ABC Title so getting your license has never been simpler

The road skills test is given at our Metairie or LaPlace Locations at:

Laplace Location

1101 West Airline Highway

Laplace, LA 70068

Call/Text Trever Bergeron at 504-701-7881

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